Rainbow Six Siege: Patch 4.2 ist auf dem Testserver

Ändert Dinge, korrigiert Fehler.

Auf dem Testserver von Rainbow Six: Siege ist ab heute der neue Patch 4.2 verfügbar.


Damit nimmt man Anpassungen am Balancing vor und korrigiert Fehler.

Einige der Veränderungen wurden bereits im Vorfeld kommuniziert, zum Beispiel das Ela abgeschwächt wird, was Ubisoft zufolge definitiv nötig sei. Die Magazingröße ihrer SMG wird zum Beispiel von 50 auf 40 Kugeln reduziert.

Weiterhin hat man das Temporal-Anti-Aliasing vollständig implementiert. Entsprechende Optionen finden sich dann in den Einstellungen.

Hier lest ihr mehr zu weiteren Änderungen, nachfolgend noch ein paar allgemeinere Dinge:


  • FIXED - Shield exploit that involves Deployable Shields being held in front of an Operator.
  • FIXED - Attack Operators can appear as a 2D texture when approaching broken walls while holding the hostage.
  • FIXED - Certain operator weapons produce extremely bright smoke and can obscure the view of the players.
  • FIXED - Zofia dies after using Withstand when a match has a Handicap of 75 or less Damage.

Terrorist Hunt

  • FIXED - Bombers do not always spawn during a Terrorist Hunt Classic on Tower map.
  • FIXED - Last three enemies of a wave will get stuck behind the reversed table in 2F Meeting room.

Spectator camera

  • FIXED - Switching to Dokkaebi on support mode during her gadget animation will show her gadget screen empty.


  • FIXED - Dokkaebi loses functionality, and a broken animation is present if Dokkaebi gets into DBNO state while hacking the camera system.
  • FIXED - No warning appears when Dokkaebi is out of Logic Bomb uses and tries to activate it.
  • FIXED - When in ADS, you do not need to hold the appropriate key to use Logic Bomb.


  • FIXED - Yokai is stuck and has framed camera rotation rate on uneven terrain/debris.
  • FIXED - The drones including Yokai have issues smoothly turning when navigating on certain destructible surfaces.
  • FIXED - The Yokai drone loses signal in multiple places on Tower.
  • FIXED - Echo drone can stick to the canister under Mira's Black Mirror.


  • FIXED - Zofia's LMG-E should have 150 bullets instead of 151.
  • FIXED - Users can extend the bleed out timer by spamming Withstand.


  • FIXED - Ying's Candela will not go through the Ramps of 3F Watchtower of Oregon.


  • FIXED - Players can prone between objects at 1F Trophy Room and be pushed inside the wall or outside at EXT Campfire Wood.
  • FIXED - Nitro cells do not inflict damage if detonated on the plants from 1F Great Room.
  • FIXED - Defenders in Prone stance in one corner of 1F Dining Room are not contesting the objective.


  • FIXED - Bullets pass through the desk located at CCTV room.


  • FIXED - Player can be stuck inside a wall if they use the vault prompt on beer cases.


  • FIXED - Castle's double door Armor Panels do not cover the entire frame.


  • FIXED - Player can vault in a specific location to get on a window frame.
  • FIXED - There are lights on the side of the tower, which can block an Attacker's rappel trajectory.


  • FIXED - Due to a missing texture, players can exploit an area using drones and kill enemies.


  • FIXED - Attackers can plant the Defuser from outside the objective at Ext Main Entrance.

Theme Park

  • FIXED - Attackers can place a drone inside the barricaded window of EXT Sweet Shops.
  • FIXED - Vault prompt is missing on the rooftop of the building.


  • FIXED - Too much smoke appears when shooting with some weapons.
  • FIXED - Installing the latest graphics driver for AMD will cause a crash when explosives are triggered.
  • FIXED - Concussion and Sonic Burst effect applies to replays if applied after the start of replay.

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