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Hellblade: Patch 1.01 veröffentlicht

Behebt Fehler und mehr.

Ninja Theory hat heute Patch 1.01 für Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice veröffentlicht.

Damit behebt man unter anderem Fehler in verschiedenen Bereichen des Spiels.

Außerdem wurden kleinere Anpassungen am Kampf vorgenommen. Untersucht werden derzeit noch Performance-Probleme bei der Nutzung von AMD-Grafikkarten.

Anbei lest ihr die kompletten Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a crash that could happen if two Keep Guard enemies are standing close to each other and one dies.
  • Russian subtitles for the Hellblade feature have been added.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio would be out of sync with the Hellblade feature if it has been paused for an extended period of time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Baldr Masks in the Tower Shard level are white on the inside.
  • Fixed scenarios resulting in unlit geometry after reloading from checkpoint.
  • Fixed a potential progression stopping bug in the Fenrir Cave by the 'M' rune door puzzle.
  • Fixed potential progression stopping bug in Fenrir Cave due to check pointing after skipping a lit region.
  • Fixed potential progression stopping bug in Fenrir Cave if player fails to collect floor rune after combat and subsequently dies.
  • Fixed collision issues that could allow players to unintentionally exit the game world.
  • Fixed audio cut-out issues.
  • Added audio cues for hidden faces.
  • Fixed audio hard cut at the end of various cut scenes.
  • Fixes for audio lip sync issues.
  • Audio balancing fixes.
  • Various subtitle localisation fixes across a number of languages.

Combat tweaks: Global

  • Adjusted automatic difficulty enemy health scaling and Senua's damage taken/given modifiers.

Combat tweaks: Senua

  • Increased damage value of certain combo finisher attacks.
  • Adjusted rate of combat focus resource build-up in Hard difficulty mode or higher.
  • Fixed issue with stinger animated cameras popping if the same attack was repeated.

Combat tweaks: Warrior Enemy

  • Warriors now have an increased chance of evading certain heavy attacks.
  • Fixed missing sound effects on certain reactions.

Combat tweaks: Protector Enemy

  • Health values have been lowered.
  • Will now remain vulnerable for longer after his shield guard has been broken.

Combat tweaks: Keep Guard Enemy

  • Fixed a potential crash bug if Keep Guard enemies are standing close together and one of them dies.
  • Tweaked rotation rate during certain attack windups.
  • Fixed missing sound effects on certain attacks.

Combat tweaks: Surtr

  • Fixed an issue where Surtr was able to throw Senua outside of the arena.

Combat tweaks: Valravn

  • Fixed an issue where Valravn could not be damaged while in Focus for certain combos.
  • Parried projectiles will now remove shadow state on hit.

Combat tweaks: Fenrir

  • Health values have been adjusted.
  • Fixed issue where certain attack were not dealing damage correctly to Fenrir.

Combat tweaks: Revenant Enemy

  • Adjusted slide properties for certain attacks.
  • Adjusted cooldown for parry and evade defensive actions.
  • Parried projectiles will now remove shadow state on hit.

Photo Mode

  • Fixed an issue where motion blur is applied to object incorrectly during Photo Mode.
  • Removed the second slider that did nothing when cycling through the Effects tab.

PC Only fixes

  • Fixed an issue where altering master volume would cause no audio to be played during the intro.
  • Fixed the lack of vibration with the Steam Controller for the Blindness level
  • Fixed an issue where key bindings and run toggle were not being saved between game sessions
  • Fixed an issue where looking around with the mouse during the boat intro was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where Focus was not able to be assigned to another key.
  • Fixed an issue where tabbing out during cut scenes would cause audio to go out of sync.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would not load on start up.


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